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Shottle Hall Wedding Photography

Shottle Hall is a local venue where i have photographed many weddings…it was built in 1841 as part of the Chatsworth House estate. As a wedding venue its location is second to none..with its feature rich gardens and architecture. Shottle Hall is set with 4 acres of gardens which makes it a popular venue for both bride and grooms and photographers alike. The internal architecture makes it an ideal venue regardless of the time of year…..

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My studio is only a few minutes away, so please feel free to pop in to view more examples of my Shottle Hall wedding photography!

Shottle Hall’s Says!

“Lovely wedding photographs Dickon, The afternoon sun makes these photos look gorgeous… Thanks for sharing.”

I have also carried out drone photography ( I’m a CAA qualified operator ) here many times…the wide open spaces lends itself for this type of photography.